Demolition and Disposal Bins


North American Disposal is a division of the North American Construction Group. We pride ourselves on being able to facilitate a full-scale service to all sectors, including homeowners, when it comes to our demolition and disposal services. Managing our own material recycling and disposal sites, our pricing is highly competitive on disposal services and bin rentals.

Our demolition expertise allows us to tackle a wide variety of projects ranging from small to large. North American Disposal holds the right insurance, WSIB and bonding to get the job done safely with peace of mind. Our extensive field knowledge is prepared to assist in permit and approval requisites for your demolition needs.

Emergency demolition services are available 24/7 for compromised structures and the most challenging of situations. Some of these may include works on:

  • Bridge Structures
  • Residential Dwellings
  • Removal of Above of Inground Pools
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Units
  • Contaminated Groundworks
  • Hospitals
  • Historical Sites
  • High-Rise Structures
  • Airports
  • & Many More


North American Disposal also rents out dumpster / disposal bins to contractors and homeowners 24/7. Our line can be reached anytime for a bin that fits your disposal needs.

We are able to load your:

  • Clean fill/topsoil
  • Mixed aggregates
  • Concrete, interlocking and block materials
  • Asphalt
  • Household waste
  • Mixed renovation materials
  • Scrap metal
  • Small machine relocations
  • Roofing materials
  • & Much more

Both flat rates and per tonne pricing (1 tonne minimum) are available. Our fleet of disposal bins include:

  • 10 Yard - 3.5 feet deep, 11 ft long
  • 14 Yard - 4 ft. deep, 14 ft long

Ideal for:

  • Construction Materials
  • Roofing Projects
  • Large Scale Home Renovation/Demolition
  • Heavy Construction
  • 20 Yard - 4 ft. deep, 20 ft. long
  • 30 Yard - 8 ft. deep, 16 ft. long
  • 40 Yard - 8 ft deep, 20 ft. long

North American Disposal works closely with the Ministry of Environment of Ontario and fully adheres to all MOE regulations. Any materials which are not handled by our recycling facilities are directed to well-handled cornerstone operations with the same focus on environmental regulations in Ontario as we share with the MOE.


What is considered to be “Clean Fill”?

Clean fill is non-contaminated, clean soil that may consist of brush, leaves, grass and sod or any combination of these materials together.

What are considered to be “Construction Materials”?

Wire, drywall, plaster, lathe, wood flooring, ceramic tile, other tile and flooring.

What can I mix with broken concrete?

No rebar or wire mesh should be mixed in with concrete. However, subbase aggregates can be mixed in as long as the load is free of any soils beneath the aggregate base. Interlocking and block can go together as well. Other construction materials or asphalt, scrap, etc. may not be added to the load.

Are there any items we cannot dispose of?

Certainly. Asbestos in any form, propane and gas tanks, cylinders, aerosol cans, paint cans, tires and any other type of hazardous waste, soil with any contaminates, and any moldy products.

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