This lifetime Limited Warranty (“Warranty”) is given by North American Concrete (“Contractor”) to the original customer (“Customer”) for the contracted work (“Work”). This warranty is subject to the coverage, limitations, requirements and legal rights stated herein.


This is a surface Warranty, for both flat and vertical work. If before the Warranty Expiry Date, any major concrete scaling or spalling (occurring from below the colour hardener) and/or any aggregate pop-outs from the concrete surface, and any loss of bond of vertical stamping (i.e. steps, retaining walls etc.), the Contractor will, at its sole discretion, either repair, replace, or refinish only the areas to be found defective. Any costs and expenses beyond the control of the Contractor, liability hereunder shall be the responsibility of the Customer (i.e. Re-Sealing all other non defective concrete areas, etc.).


This warranty is void if the Customer has not made full payment to the Contractor for the Work (i.e. original contract, work change orders, invoices, etc.).

In the event of repair, replacement or refinishing pursuant to this Warranty, the Warranty applicable to the repairs will extend only for the time remaining under the original Warranty. Due to normal weathering, products repaired, replaced or refinished during the Warranty period may differ in finish, colour, and etc. from the original installation.

Major cracks of 1 inch or more are to be repaired by North American Concrete at our expense. This Warranty does not warrant any cracks, cracking, or crack repair of any nature whatsoever which may arise due to overload, frost heave effects, shrinkage or land settlement. Crack Repair Service is offered by the Contractor at a cost to the Customer. When Re-Sealing Service is purchased from the Contractor, Crack Repair Service is included at no additional cost to the Customer during that service call only. Subsequent visits, liability hereunder shall be the responsibility of the Customer. Normal aesthetic concrete crack repair methods used by the Contractor at the current time will be used.

The Work must be Re-Sealed ONE TIME within 1-2 years of the completion date (based on wear and tear) or this Warranty is void. North American Concrete must complete ongoing sealing to the Client to ensure proper protection or the Work or Repairs completed. Any other means of Sealing or Repair by the Client or other Contractor will void Warranty.

10 Year Warranty Certificate

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